Internal Medicine specialists (internists, general physicians) are doctors who provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and care to adult patients. They are often the first specialist seen by patients who have non-specific or atypical symptoms, or complex conditions. They are skilled in managing medical problems in a holistic way, considering all psychosocial and medical factors to enhance the quality of life. An internist understands disease affecting most body systems, and values the continuing care of all patients. Accredited general physicians are trained in the subspecialties of internal medicine, including emergency medicine and critical care.



Board Members 2017 - 2019
Office Name
Chairman Dr Pankaj Kumar Handa
Vice-Chairman Dr Veerendra Melagireppa Chadachan
Honorary Secretary Dr Ashish Anil Sule
Members Dr Roland Boey
  Dr Julie George
  Dr Quah Teik Joo
Co-opted Members Prof Tay Jam Chin
  Dr Colleen Kim Thomas


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